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I Spent 6 Months Testing Compression Boots and My Legs Feel Fantastic

March 6, 2024

Source: The Strategist

A decade ago, you would only really see compression boots being used by professional athletes like LeBron James and Chloe Kim — or you might find them at sports-medicine or medical facilities. But in recent years, these boots, which are meant to improve circulation and reduce muscle soreness, have become a trendy recovery tool for at-home use, even though some pairs run upward of $600.

The best-known compression boots, and the ones you see most on pros, are Hyperice’s Normatec 3. They work by inflating in a sequence, starting with pressure in chambers around the foot, and working up to the thigh. They work somewhat like the compression devices that have been used for decades to help with lymphatic circulation in cancer and lymphedema patients, and that sequential pumping is what’s important, says Amanda Palmeri, a doctor of physical therapy at NYU Langone who specializes in cancer-related lymphedema.

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