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What sets our family office apart?

We do not blindly invest in companies. We build relationships with like-minded investors, business owners, management teams and entrepreneurs to align interests, evolve businesses and create lasting value.

Kaulig Capital is a family office, not a private equity fund, so we invest our own capital and have the ability to own an asset indefinitely with a primary focus on growth, not exit or short-term results.
We are not constrained by an investment theme, horizon, or structure, which provides for more flexibility than traditional private equity funds.
We have a proven track record of building profitable and scalable businesses and can leverage in-house resources with experience in sales, marketing, operations, and manufacturing.

Select Investments

Our investments in industry leading companies were built with shared values, strong partnerships, and passion to evolve and grow. 

Investment Focus and Approach


  • Business owners seeking partial liquidity or shareholder recapitalization
  • Experienced operators seeking a partner to acquire a business
  • Fundless sponsors seeking a majority partner for multi-sponsor club deals
  • Capital to support growth or acquisitions
  • Proprietary mandates vs. formal auction

Business Characteristics

  • Strong management teams
  • Competitive advantage in technology, brand, or process
  • High gross margins
  • Organic growth opportunities
  • Low Capital Expenditure business models
  • Demonstrated history of profitability

Sectors & Geography

  • Industry agnostic (no venture, oil/gas, high tech)
  • Investments to-date focus on consumer products, distribution, food and beverage, media and marketing, financial services, business service among others
  • Domestic companies with a preference of short flights from headquarters

Company Size

  • Profitable, cash-flowing businesses with a history of year-over-year growth
  • Revenue of at least $10 million
  • EBITDA of at least $2 million

Investment Size

  • Equity checks up to $30 million
  • Ability to flex up with our relationships
  • Debt and equity