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"It feels like the real-life Shark Tank come to life, where Kaulig Capital provides you with the expertise in the areas that a small company maybe like ours doesn't have the time and resources to invest in internally."

Jonah Beer: Principal & CEO

Jonah Beer Partner Testimonial


"Whenever we do have a chance to meet face to face, they go above and beyond being able to provide that advice and really have that direct time to lean in as young entrepreneurs."- Andy Gay

Garrett Waggoner & Andy Gay: Co-Founders

Cirkul Partner Testimonial

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“The support and the infrastructure we have been able to tap into has been world-class.”


Garrett Waggoner

“It’s like having experts in your back pocket that you can go to, who are not only great at what they do, but they are actually, literally, invested in your success.”

Principal & CEO

Jonah Beer

“We have been able to do everything faster than we thought. Not only things like deciding we needed a new website, drafting it, creating it, shooting it, launching it in just 60 days time would have been unthinkable in the past. With that new website, the first month doubling our revenue through the site.”

Principal & CEO

Jonah Beer