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Falcon Point Goes Underground in Debut With Investment in Jennmar

May 14, 2024

Source: PE Hub

Jennmar manufactures mission-critical products and provides critical service to the largest companies in the civil infrastructure, solar, mining, and construction industries, both in the United States and globally. With over 4,000 employees and 60 locations worldwide, Jennmar retains the highest market share of any ground support company in the United States and is set to become the largest in the world.

Jennmar was brought to Kaulig Capital through Falcon Point partners, a private equity firm based in New York City.  Falcon Point invested in Jennmar due to its 100-year history of outstanding service, critical industry contacts, and meaningful value creation opportunities.  Falcon Point purchased Jennmar at a steep discount in comparison to fair market value based on its long-standing relationship with management and familiarity with the ground support industry.

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