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LOCATION: Cleveland, OH

TYPE: Net Lease & Commercial Portfolio

We provide bespoke, high-quality, comprehensive real estate development solutions. FLICORE’s and CEO Frank Licata’s mission is to acquire, develop, and curate high-quality real estate assets in North America. FLICORE provides full-service development, leasing, and management solutions to the nation’s top retail brands. Our current portfolio includes single and multi-tenant retail properties throughout North America.

Frank has over twenty-five years of development experience, participating in the ownership, conceptualization, site acquisition, leasing, and/or development of millions of square feet of commercial real estate valued at over $1 Billion.

Kaulig Capital looks forward to cultivating a true partnership with FLICORE as the Kaulig Capital team looks to expand their real estate investment in triple net single and multi-tenant properties. Kaulig Capital and FLICORE plan to continue growing the FLICORE brand by expanding to other geographies while retaining its excellent brand reputation in the current geographies FLICORE serves.

Website: https://flicore.com/