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Bay Area Company Creates New Way to Drink Flavored Water

August 14, 2023

Source: Bay News

Former Ivy League football players have experienced exponential growth in their Tampa-based flavored water business, Cirkul. The company founders, Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay, developed a specialty water bottle that allows users to customize the flavor of their drink. Since its inception five years ago, Cirkul has seen remarkable growth, with weekly revenue surpassing their initial annual earnings. The company’s unique cartridges are a central focus, and they originated the idea while playing football at Dartmouth College. The business took off when influencers on TikTok started showcasing their products, accumulating two billion video views. Cirkul has expanded its facilities and now manufactures most products in-house, experiencing a 150% year-over-year growth for the past five years. With more than 1,200 employees, they have secured retail agreements with Walmart and Kroger.

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