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Buying These Universal Wine Glasses Is the ‘Best Investment You Can Make,’ According to a Sommelier

May 6, 2024

Source: Food & Wine

Wine glasses significantly impact the drinking experience, with factors like size, shape, and thickness influencing how wine is perceived. Gabriel-Glas wine glasses, endorsed by sommelier Amanda McCrossin, and recognized as ‘The Best Investment You Can Make’ have gained popularity for their lightweight design, universal shape, and durability, making them suitable for various wine styles. Their thin lead-free crystal construction enhances aroma, improving the tasting experience even for average wines. McCrossin suggests that investing in quality glasses like these can elevate the perception of wine quality, turning a $15 bottle into a $25 to $30 experience. Available in sets of two, six, or individually, these dishwasher-safe glasses are considered a worthwhile investment for wine enthusiasts.

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