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Aki Technologies

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

INDUSTRY: Business Services, Media & Marketing

Aki Technologies is a mobile marketing company that delivers ads using data analytics when the consumer is most receptive.

The Company seeks to advance “moment marketing” technology in partnership with brands and agencies to deliver a better consumer experience and enhance business results. Aki helps marketers deliver personalized advertising using its patented video personalization technology to align with consumer preferences and ad receptivity in each moment.

Aki is based on logic and a deep understanding of human behavior, delivering personalized advertising across mobile, desktop, connected TV, and digital out-of-home screens.

Aki’s customers include leading brands that utilize this marketing science to inform strategy and drive meaningful impact on campaign metrics such as awareness, engagement, foot traffic, and sales. Key customers include Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Toyota, Taco Bell, and Family Dollar.

Kaulig Capital was introduced to Aki Technologies and the investment opportunity at a family office event in 2017. Other investors in the Company were prominent and had relationships with the Kaulig Capital team.

In January 2020, Aki acquired video ad tech company Eyeview to integrate Eyeview’s technology stack with its own during the second half of the year. Eyeview’s technology consists of an ad server that ingests data signals to inform which video creative to deliver and a video creation module that enables dynamic video creative optimization.

Aki was acquired by Inmar in September 2021. Inmar utilizes Aki to leverage its retail media market operations and build more powerful interactions between brands and consumers.