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Buckeye Scalloping Company, LLC & Ligia Scalloping Company, LLC

LOCATION: New Bedford, Massachusetts

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage; Consumer Products

Buckeye Scalloping Company (“Buckeye”) and Ligia Scalloping Company (“Ligia”) operate out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, one of the oldest commercial fishing ports in the United States. The Atlantic sea scallop fishery is extremely important to the regional and national economy. It is the largest wild scallop fishery in the world. In 2020, more than 50 million pounds of Atlantic sea scallops worth over $500 million were harvested from U.S. waters.

The Buckeye is a 20-ton full-time scalloper which fishes with two 15’ dredges. It is 93’ long with a 24’ beam and is 12’ deep. The boat has a seven-man crew.

The Ligia is an 80-ton full-time scalloper which fishes with one 10’ dredge. It is 65’ long with a 19’ beam and is 10’ deep. The boat has a six-man crew.

The Buckeye and the Ligia were acquired in 2020 in two separate transactions lead by Tony Alvernaz and Cameron Miele, both experienced scalloping operators and owners. Cam Miele is a Managing Director at Ellsworth Advisors.