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Canyon Bicycles GmbH

LOCATION: Koblenz, Germany

INDUSTRY: Health & Fitness

Canyon Bicycles GmbH (“Canyon”) is a world-leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer of premium road, mountain, triathlon, urban, fitness, and electric bikes.  Canyon Bicycles are engineered in Koblenz, Germany, where the company was founded over 20 years ago. Their German-engineered heritage emphasizes a technology-driven approach, offering integration with different smart technologies, but at a lower price in comparison to the competition.  Canyon has made its way on the world stage in many cycling events, but was first introduced on the Tour de France in 2009 with cyclist Cadel Evans.  In that same year, Evans went on to win the 2009 world championship road race in Switzerland while riding a Canyon.

Kaulig Capital was introduced to Canyon by SC.Holdings and partners Jason Stein and Dan Haimovic.  Kaulig Capital continues to work with SC.Holdings on various investment opportunities including HyperIce, Athletic Greens, and Cirkul.