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LOCATION: Indianapolis, Indiana

INDUSTRY: Consumer Food Products

FreshEdge is a leading produce distributor in the Midwest, serving as a critical link between more than 7,500 customer locations and 450 suppliers. These suppliers rely on FreshEdge’s comprehensive range of products and highly dependable logistics and delivery capabilities.

The Company provides fresh and packaged produce varieties and partially prepared meal components to a wide range of customers, including grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and food management companies.

The Company was acquired by Rotunda Capital, Kaulig Capital, and other sponsors in 2017 with the combination of Indianapolis Fruit and Piazza Produce & Specialty Foods.

Since the acquisition, The Company has completed multiple add-ons, including Get Fresh, Garden Cut, CIBUS Fresh, Papania’s, and McCartney Produce in November 2020. Collectively, the Company rebranded to FreshEdge in the summer of 2020 after the acquisition of Get Fresh.

Today, FreshEdge is a category leader in providing the foodservice and retail industries with fruit, vegetables, fresh grab-n-go offerings, dairy, floral, and specialty products.

Together, Rotunda Capital, its sponsors, and FreshEdge intend to continue company expansion with add-on acquisitions focused on high-quality produce and specialty food products with exceptional service, ultimately creating a unique team of complementary entities.