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Founded by a group of passionate dentists and a family office, Guardian Dentistry Partners (“GDP”) is a premier Dental Partnership Network dedicated to providing world-class support services and growth opportunities for its network of dentist partners. Founded in 2018, Guardian has expanded rapidly and now supports dental entrepreneurs in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Guardian’s mission is to help its dental partners and teams build the practices of their dreams. Guardian Dentistry Partners is not a typical, corporatized dental support organization (DSO) – instead, the Company refers to itself as a DPN, or Dental Partnership Network. This philosophical difference is key to GDP’s continued growth and network partnerships – GDP is “all-in” on supporting its partners every step of the way. GDP works to bring together purpose-driven, like-minded partners and professionals to create a truly unique partnership experience.

Kaulig Capital was introduced to GDP through multiple channels, including networking with friends of the firm and Dominic Brault’s longstanding relationship with GDP’s President, Mark Censoprano. Dominic and Mark first met during Mark’s tenure at Aspen Dental and Mark is a Hudson resident.