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Cirkul Inc.


INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage

Cirkul Inc. is an innovative, modern beverage platform focused on delivering products that make drinking water convenient, fun, delicious, and personalizable.  Cirkul offers over 50 flavors of their patented “Sips” product.  Each Sips cartridge is interchangeable and is combined with vitamins, caffeine, or other nutritional elements.  Historically, Cirkul has been sold direct-to-consumer through its website, but in early 2022 the Company launched in retail channels with significant distribution within Wal-Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Kaulig Capital was introduced to Cirkul by SC.Holdings and partners Jason Stein and Dan Haimovic. Kaulig Capital continues to work with SC.Holdings on various investment opportunities including HyperIce, Athletic Greens and Certified Collectible Group (CCG).